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Ajar is the main protagonist of the animated film Sahara.
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I’m pretty gobsmacked that this is rated for children.

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When his new love is captured by an evil snake charmer, a young cobra and his scorpion best friend set out across the desert on a wild rescue mission. 3.

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Mar 6, 2023 - Explore Izzy's board "Sahara", followed by 425 people on Pinterest. blueyic0n. .

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eva is 20 yr. Scorpion Son. Affably Evil: The glow worms. .

Feb 1, 2017 · Sahara: Directed by Pierre Coré. The male snake sets out on a quest to rescue her, recruiting the help of her stoner brother and his scorpion best friend.

2017 | Maturity Rating: TV-Y7 | 1h 25m | Kids. my new favourite movie #snake #snakemovie #sahara2017 #sahara #saharamovie #ajar #eva #cartoonedit #cartoon.


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  1. Right Place, Wrong Time. 2022.[It is a proper rating of 7+ if that helps any} They have fun with the animated snakes, with cool designs and nice body movement. They separate, and Ajar finds an unfamiliar brown snake who happens to be Eva in disguise as a Dusty, who asks for his help. . Eva is a major protagonist of the animated film Sahara. Love at first sight, followed by a long and challenging journey -- just to win her love. May 14, 2017 · Ajar and Eva, a purple and green snake, respectively, hail from opposite sides of a cultural divide—he from the desert and she from the oasis.
  2. She is voiced by Louane Emera and Angela Galuppo Eva is the daughter of a rich family of snakes.
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  4. Eva's promptly kidnapped and held captive by a snake charmer and forced to join the troop of performers.
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  6. Right Place, Wrong Time.
  7. The Good. . . Save. What's on TV & Streaming Top 250 TV Shows Most Popular TV Shows Browse TV Shows by. 2019.Skip to main content. . eva is 20 yr. Sahara (2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. . gavin-thelordofthefu-48-460297 13 June 2020. Sahara (1943) SoundTracks on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies,. .
  8. Aug 10, 2018 · Soon after, the female snake gets captured by a snake charmer. voiced by Elana Dunkelman.
  9. The Good. . Ajar is the main protagonist of the animated film Sahara. . Add time. 2022.2017 | Maturity Rating: TV-Y7 | 1h 25m | Kids. Skip to main content. When his new love is captured by an evil snake charmer, a young cobra and his scorpion best friend set out across the desert on a wild rescue mission. Sahara is a French-Canadian 3D computer-animated animal tale adventure movie directed and written by Pierre Coré and produced by Mandarin Films and StudioCanal. The Good. Téléverser. . .
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  15. Starring: Robert Naylor, Angela Galuppo, Daniel Brochu.

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